How Can You Pick Nonpoisonous Mushrooms

If you are looking for mushroom tips, you may be surprised that the mushroom picking may not be as difficult as it sounds. Ask an experienced mushroom picker and he’ll tell you that you do not have to look far.


The mushrooms of Psilocybin are very numerous and in fact you can even find one that grows in your own garden. If you live in the right place, where your environment is suitable for growing mushrooms, you’re in luck. You just have to walk around, pick mushrooms and go home. You can buy mushrooms Canada to avoid nonpoisonous mushrooms.


Important tip:

Before you take your basket and hunt mushrooms in your garden, it is important to familiarize yourself with the local mushrooms in your area. You must do this to distinguish safe mushrooms from poisonous mushrooms.


Mushrooms are available in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some strains have a pleasant effect, while others can have serious effects ranging from mild poisoning to death. Learn about the magical mushrooms you collect to save your life.


What mushrooms need to grow and thrive:

By learning which mushrooms to grow, you can find them in the wild. Mushrooms like moisture and therefore occur in very humid places such as forest floors and awnings. You will not find mushrooms in places where air and wind are dry, as these conditions can easily kill them.


Contrary to popular belief, mushrooms do not need a dark environment to grow, but a dimly lit area can help them retain moisture and develop better.


Mushrooms, of whatever kind, need a good soil. The best soil is a fertile soil with many nutrients such as sugar, starch, fats, nitrogen, lignin and proteins. If these nutrients are present in tree bark, fallen trees, feces, dead leaves, or in compost, fungi are likely to grow on those surfaces as well.


Mushrooms also grow in well-moist places. Low humidity and the right temperature can help mushrooms grow in your garden.


Places where there are many magic mushrooms?

Psychedelic mushrooms are widespread in North America on the west coast. These are also present in the northeastern part of the continent and near the Gulf of Mexico. Magic mushrooms are scattered throughout Mexico and most Central American countries. In South American countries such as Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and Colombia, different types of magic mushrooms are easy to find.


Hawaii is another favorite place. High-quality magic mushrooms are sold in special pharmacies on the islands. South Africa, Australia, India, the Philippines and all countries of the Southeast Asian coastal region are other countries where there are many mushrooms. There are delicious mushrooms that also grow in the wetlands of Europe.


In search of magic mushrooms?

The most practical way to find magic mushrooms is to eat. The chances of finding fresh mushrooms are high, especially if you are in the above mentioned countries and regions.


Now you need to know what to look for when searching for magic mushrooms. There are a number of varieties or types of magic mushrooms, including mushrooms with psilocybin content. Recently, 227 species of psilocybin mushrooms were known, 53 of them in Mexico.

Buy mushrooms Canada can help you to get nonpoisonous magic mushrooms.

About 22 of these species are found in Canada and the United States, 19 in Australia, 16 in Europe and 15 in Asia. Some species of fungus occur in one area, while others occur only in some countries.

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