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Best Mushrooms for Cooking

Mushrooms have certain beneficial compounds which can destroy the cancer cells in our body, reduce the growth of tumors, improve the entire cardiovascular system and blood circulation, enhance the brain capacity, maintain the blood sugar and so on. You can grow mushrooms in your own lawn so that there is no need to buy them. You can click here to know how to grow mushrooms in home.


Mushrooms can be taken raw or cooked, but people most often like to take these fungi cooked. In most of the countries, beneficial mushrooms are used in different dishes to improve the taste and flavor. One can cultivate mushrooms at home or in his own lawn, or even he can pick mushrooms from the wild. However, picking mushrooms wild can sometimes go wrong. Because it is quite tough for the people to recognize the poisonous ones.


So, it is safe to buy mushrooms from nearby grocery shops rather than picking up from wild. Even one can mail order mushrooms or can buy shrooms Canada to get fresh and safe mushrooms.


Mushrooms are now widely being used for cooking purpose. You can either cook it or can include mushrooms in dishes. There are some special and common mushrooms which you can used in your dishes to make them more delicious.


  1. Agaricus bisporus

Well, this is a scientific name. You can buy white button, cremini or portobellos because all these three mushrooms have a species of this Agaricus bisporus. They are widely distributed, and I am sure that you will indeed get them easily. They are quite enjoyable when you fry them well. People also enjoy these mushrooms with their curry, they are tasted like steak. You can get the best flavor of these mushrooms when you will use them in your pizzas.


  1. Oyster

The appearance of oyster mushroom is very beautiful and unique as their taste is. These mushrooms come with rainbow colors including white, gray, yellow and pink. You will taste woody flavor from them. When these mushrooms are taken raw, they are like chewy, and when they are taken with the olive oil, you will feel them silky and creamy. The best option is to use these mushrooms in pasta.


  1. Maitake

Alternatively, maitake mushrooms are known as ram’s head or king od the fall. Perhaps you are bit more familiar with another name, Hen of the woods. Interestingly, the taste of these mushrooms is not like the hen. They grow at the base of oak trees during the fall, and that’s why you may find the woodsy and oaky taste. Maitake mushrooms are regarded as one of the most delicious and flavorful mushrooms.


  1. Lion’s mane

Like the Oyster mushrooms, Lion’s mane is also well recognized for their unique and charming look. Indeed, the mushrooms appear like the mane of lion. You may also know these mushrooms by another name, Pom Pom. These mushrooms lose their flavor as soon as they are picked up. So, the best way to get the real taste is to cultivate the mushrooms in our own lawn so that you can quickly eat them after picking them up. One can use lion’s mane in the crab cakes to increase the taste.


If you don’t get these mushrooms, you can buy shrooms online Canada to receive the best mushrooms. Because they have access to every species.

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