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Top 2 Mushroom Dishes for Midday Meal

If you love mushrooms, then a mushroom meal can be an amazing choice for your midday meal. You can grow mushrooms in your own lawn or can pick from the wild. However, experts always advice not to eat mushrooms from the wild areas, because one may easily make a mistake by misunderstanding and confusion between the poisonous mushrooms and nonpoisonous mushrooms.


It is better to buy shrooms online Canada or mail order mushrooms to get fresh mushrooms from better and reliable online stores. Mushrooms Canada, in this case, can be an ideal choice since they have every types of mushrooms. In this post, I will describe about some delicious mushroom dishes which can be perfect for your midday meal.


  1. Palenta with mushrooms, oregano and pancetta

You need dried mushrooms, milk, massel chicken style liquid stock, polenta, sliced pancetta, extra virgin olive oil, brown mushrooms, dried oregano and goat’s cheese.


First of all, soak all the dried mushrooms in the hot water for 5 minutes. Soak them until they are soft. After that, drain ¾ portion of the water and keep the rest. Chop the mushrooms and set aside. Now, place the liquid stock and milk together and boil them. Slowly whisk in polenta and continue it until the mixture becomes thicken. Lower the heat and stir the mixture until the polenta is creamy.


Now, place the pancetta in a larger and cooler frypan and cook it with medium heat. Once it starts sizzling, cook for 2 minutes each side. Then transfer to the plate. After that, add oil and increase the heat and then add the cooked pancetta to the bowl and cook it with the oil.


Meanwhile, cook the mushrooms with oregano and toss them properly to cook evenly. Add the liquid stock. Last of all, transfer all the mushrooms to the serving plate and add the pancetta on the top. Furthermore, scatter the goat’s cheese and the remaining oregano. Serve immediately.


  1. Mushrooms on sourdough with cavolo nero and goat’s cheese

The dish is quite easy to prepare. You need butter, extra virgin olive oil, your desired mushrooms, garlic cloves (crushed), cavolo nero (without stems), thyme sprigs, lemon juice, goat’s cheese, shaved parmesan and sourdough loaf.


First of all, heat the barbecue pan. Add the extra virgin olive oil on the frying pan and apply high heat. Then add the butter and swirl around the pan. As soon as the butter starts foaming, add the mushrooms that you bought. At the same time, add the mushrooms, thyme and crushed garlic. Cook the mixture for some minutes (3 minutes is best) and toss them frequently. Then add the cavolo nero and cook it for 1 minute. Add the lemon juice.


After the 1st step, brush the side of the sourdough with the extra virgin olive oil and grill the oiled side for 2 minutes. After that, rub the charred side with the rest of the garlic cloves. Last of all, spread the goat’s cheese over the charred side of sourdough and top with the mushroom’s mixture. Then serve the dish by scattering the baby herbs and parmesan.

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