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Is It Possible to Grow Mushrooms at Home

Mushroom is one of the most delicious and healthiest foods in the world. It can be a great source of vitamins, antioxidants and a lot of essential minerals. Besides, they are fat free and are low in calories which are the ideal reasons why every diabetic patient should take it. The demand of mushrooms is increasing nowadays. You can buy mushrooms Canada or can grow them in your home. Many people are trying to grow mushrooms in their garden or even in the container. But, often, they face several problems due to some lacking in their growing process. In this post a complete detail on the growing process of mushrooms will be described.

Types of Mushrooms You Can Grow

You don’t want to grow poisonous ones, right? Here is a list of the best mushrooms that you can grow in your container – Cremini, White button, Shiitake, Oyster, Maitake and Portobello. These mushrooms are worldwide famous for their taste and enormous benefits. To grow them, you can buy shrooms online Canada to start the reproduction. However, each of them needs a different environment such as white button prefers a composted medium while shiitake and oyster can grow on wood and sawdust respectively.

Ideal Place for Growing Mushrooms

Before start growing mushrooms, you must think and plan about the whole process first. Natural mushrooms basically prefer cool, dark, moist and humid environment and when you are planning on growing mushrooms in your home, then your basement can be a perfect place for them. Try to maintain the temperature around 55 – or 60-degree Fahrenheit. Though sometimes beneficial mushrooms can sometimes tolerate a little bit intensity of light, but you should try to keep them in darker and moist place to enhance their growth.

How Can You Grow Them?

If you have an ideal place, then time to study about the process of growing mushrooms. Do you know how do they grow? Like the plants, they don’t grow from seeds, but from spores. To start their reproduction, it is better to get a healthy pair of mushrooms which you can get from “buy shrooms Canada.”. Plants have chlorophyll, which allows them to produce their own food through a vital process called photosynthesis, but fungi don’t have them. Fungi need to rely on the substances on which they thrive. They uptake nutrients and their essential needs from the sawdust, woods, straw, liquid or wood chips. Most of the mushrooms thrive at the best rate in the composted medium. An addition of moisture and dark environment work even better. Observe their progress regularly and carefully notice how their mycelium is growing. Mushrooms generally grows much faster than others.

Things to Avoid for Your Mushrooms

So, it is very possible to grow mushrooms at home, but there are certain things that need to be avoided in your mushroom container. Don’t use the feces of your pet there because the feces of dogs and cats contain a lot of pathogens and from there, the poisonous fungi can easily grow and some of the fungi among them can be very lethal to human.

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